Delayed_job for background processing in Rails

*update: delayed-job is now available on gemcutter* The first thing to do obviously is to install DelayedJob. There are plenty of forked versions available on git-hub. I chose collectiveidea beacuse it was recommend on railscasts. I did refer to this site extensively for setting up delayed_job. Job half done. I followed instructions on the githubContinue reading “Delayed_job for background processing in Rails”

10 steps to get start with MySpace Ruby SDK

Follow 10 simple steps in order to use myspace sdk api 1. Remove all your previous gems installed+ gem uninstall myspace 2. Checkout sample source code svn checkout myspacesdk 3. cd myspacesdk/samples/rails/sample4. Modify config/database.yml accordingly development:adapter: mysqldatabase: sample_developmentpassword: abcdpool: 5timeout: 5000 5. Download gem install –local ~/Desktop/myspaceid-sdk-0.1.11.gem i.e.PATH_TO_GEM7. Above command supposed to giveContinue reading “10 steps to get start with MySpace Ruby SDK”