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Passing commandline parameter (arguments) to ruby file using optparser

Ruby file accepts from command prompt in the form of array. Passing parameters ruby input.rb TOI DH TimesNew Accessing parameters # input.rb p ARGV # => [“TOI”, “DH”, “TimesNew”] p ARGV[0] # => “TOI” p ARGV[1] # => “DH” Optparser … Continue reading

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How to get all associted models of rails model

I have Site Model and i wanted to find all associated models of Site model which are having belongs_to relationship.After doing lot headache, here is the solution i found has_many models of Site Model{|mac| mac.class_name if mac.macro==:has_many}.compact=> [“Layout”, “User”, … Continue reading

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Cricket challenge flash game

Advanced cricket flash game

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Flash games

3rd worm game———————- Flash Puzzle Games  Racing Game———————- Flash Racing Games

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Gravity Master Game Challenge

Collect all rotating circles with the black ball. You can move the ball by drawing shapes with mouse and using physics. The ways of completing a level is only limited by your imagination and line limit. Complete 15 levels to … Continue reading

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Upgrading openoffice in ubuntu interpid

Follow simple steps defined in this post for smooth upgrade of openoffice in linux. click here

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bundling gems in rails application

Gem Bundling is basically used to maintain all required gems at your application level.It downloads necessary gems and maintain it under “/vender/gems” directory.Its very easy to use gem bundle. 1. Insatll gemcutter gem ( Its gem hosting ) gem install … Continue reading

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