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Migrating an existing deployment to Heroku

It was fun — pure unadulterated fun!! Now, I started looking at heroku since our current deployment on a linode was getting a little bulky. Our client has been complaining of ‘suddenly things slowing down’ and ‘site not working’. The … Continue reading

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RPCFN#3 Short-circuit

It was great to see so many solutions for the problem statement I had set. After an initial ‘shock’ from all electrical engineers, the problem was clearly understood as a variant of the ‘shortest path algorithm’. I hope I was … Continue reading

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Get hand over VI / VIM editor

Movements b previous wordw next worde end of word0/^ begining of line$ end of lineG end of file1G/gg begining of file/pattern search next?pattern search previousn repeat search forword ( i.e next occurence )N repeat search backword:line goto line specified *****Modes**** … Continue reading

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Rspec Installation

Hello i am Amit K Kulkarni working as a QA Engineer in JoshSoftware Pvt Ltd.Few months back i started working on Rspec and it was really great to see such a nice anduser friendly language. Firstly let me start with … Continue reading

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YAML file configuration in ruby & rails

While coding in ruby and rails, we often requires variables to be initialized that can be usedacross application. There are many ways to define configuration variables 1. Initialize variables inside environment file # This agencies can be used across application … Continue reading

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pidgin install and update pidgin messenger on ubuntu interpid

Fresh pidgin Installation sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install pidgin Earlier versions of pidgin has problem in connecting yahoo messenger which is solved in newer versions.In order to update old version of pidgin, simply follow instructions written below and you … Continue reading

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How to remove extra spaces in ruby strings

In ruby, one can write multiple codes to remove multiple blank spaces inside strings (sentenses) “Write      your       string            here   “.squeeze.strip”This     is my      input  string   … Continue reading

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