Metaprogramming with RadiantCMS

My short stint with Radiant in the near past was actually quite interesting ! — No I did not design websites or webpages. What I am talking about is the internals – making radiant plugins and creating radius tags, the overwhelming use of meta-programing and the ease of overriding and extending the base or extensionsContinue reading “Metaprogramming with RadiantCMS”

PHPcamp – CakePHP Vs Ruby On Rails

On 9th Jan, ’10,  I presented my topic “CakePHP Vs Rails” at PHPCamp. It was well received and it felt nice to have been able to present such a topic to PHP devs. I was expecting a ‘fight’ (infact quite a few people did too) but I did keep the tempo low and to aContinue reading “PHPcamp – CakePHP Vs Ruby On Rails”