Hi I’m Sandip Ransing, a ruby on rails developer in Pune (India). I did my bachelor in Computer Engineering from PES Modern College of Engineering, Pune. In July 2007, I started software development career in Java.After few months passed, I heard about ruby language from my friend Haribhau Ingale and got attention towards ruby andContinue reading “About”

Vim editor for ruby on rails development using rails.vim

Vim install On CentOS yum install vim-enhanced Vim install on Ubuntu machine Install vim-full using command apt-get install vim While coding with ruby, html, erb, haml, js and stylesheets.It is great pain to indent code. Using rails vim one can easilykeep code always indented. This increases code readability and minimizes effort, bugs andfinally proves easeContinue reading “Vim editor for ruby on rails development using rails.vim”

Bean Validation Framework

This framework implemented get rid of validate bean object using if-else condition and easy to integrate custom validators. – This is developed using Java 1.5 and no other library is required. – Used Generics,Reflection and Annotation in implementation. – Light weight Annotation base bean validation with runtime plugable custom validators.No need to register custom validatorContinue reading “Bean Validation Framework”