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authlogic custom conditions for authentication

>To Add custom conditions to authlogic finders first of all we need to override authlogic find_by_login method. class UserSession < Authlogic::Session::Base  after_validation :check_if_verified  find_by_login_method :find_by_login_and_deleted_methodend Then we need to define overridden method inside User model class User < ActiveRecord::Base  acts_as_authentic  … Continue reading

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Paperclip: validates_attachment_content_type always fails in IE 6 and 7 for jepg and png image

If you are using paperclip plugin for uploading images in your rails application and you are validating image format. Image format validation working in Firefox, safari but not in IE, even you are uploading image in correct format in IE … Continue reading

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Getting started with heroku

>Heroku basics

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CMYK format images not displaying properly in IE 7

I am using paperclip plugin in my application for  uploading images. But when I am uploading CMYK format image  then this format image not displaying in IE7 properly. after some search I got the following solution and it’s working. have … Continue reading

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