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RedDotRubyConf – fun times ahead

RedDotRubyConf could be renamed FunConf (I know there is already one) but this one would rank way up there! Considering there was Robin, Batman and Superman in the crowd, this conference could not have been any better! (Only the aussies … Continue reading

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Geolocation, Rails and MongoDB- a recipe for success

‘Geolocation’ seems to be the best dish being served today. Every web-portal, every mobile app wants to be sensitive to a persons location. Everyone wants to see information that is ‘relative’ or location sensitive. Whether its a deal portal, travel … Continue reading

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Setup Active Scaffold with rails 3 using jQuery

Create new rails project Add active_scaffold gem to bundler Setup active scaffold to use jQuery Generate active scaffold for resource city & zone Add Associations Migrate database Start Server Visit Browser URL: http://localhost:3000/cities Snap

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Ghostype input Placeholder for search text fields using jQuery

>Placeholder Demo Ghostpe Demo $(document).ready(function(){ var search = “#home-search”; var chars = $(search).attr(‘placeholder’).split(”); $.each(chars, function(i, v){ setTimeout(function() { $(search).val((chars.slice(0, i+1).join(”))); }, 100*i); }); });jQuery placeholder plugin can be used to display default text inside input text fields.HTML5 introduced type search … Continue reading

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