Code + Beer + Enthusiasm = Pune Hackfest!

Damn! Hackfests really work. At the latest event of the Pune Rails Meetup – we organized a hackfest for the ‘second’ time (ahem – the first one ended before it started). This time however, we had a plan: “Citizen Empowerment for Better Governance” – the aim was to complete the MVP for this in 2Continue reading “Code + Beer + Enthusiasm = Pune Hackfest!”

Ruby Conf India 2011 – The Good, Bad and the Ugly

I delayed my post on RubyConfIndia 2011 roundup for a reason! There are plenty of good blog posts doing a round-up of RubyConfIndia here and most of the presentation here. No point re-inventing the wheel or saying the same things again – However, I thought I would write differently – things that liked about theContinue reading “Ruby Conf India 2011 – The Good, Bad and the Ugly”