Push notifications using express.js and socket.io

So we built a real-time bidding system! Why? Because one of our clients needed it. Our customer bridges the gap between vendors and customers. (Cannot reveal more specifics like the domain etc.) Customer requests an order and vendors bid for that order. Customer should be notified in real-time about any bids. Customer should be ableContinue reading “Push notifications using express.js and socket.io”

Authorize Net (AIM) payment integration with rails

Authorize Net (AIM) method enables internet merchants to accept online payments via credit card. We shall see¬†how to integrate authorize net payment gateway inside a rails app to accept online payments using activemerchant library. Register for authorize net sandbox account click here Payment gateway credentials Payment & creditcard form Payments Controller Generate & Migrate PaymentContinue reading “Authorize Net (AIM) payment integration with rails”