MongoDB Map Re-Reduce and joins – performance tuning

“Why do we use map reduce in MongoDB? Cos it doesn’t support joins.” –  And everybody believes that now! I decided that it was time to try something different. I was amazed to see how little there is on the net about map re-reduce. And there is even lesser information about how to work with multipleContinue reading “MongoDB Map Re-Reduce and joins – performance tuning”

RubyConf Australia – 2013. Work hard party harder!

If you don’t remember eating anything for 3 days and the post-conference party beer bill is $12k, you know the conference has been a success! The conference was organized very well and the constant flow of coffee, snacks and great lunches kept everyone in conference spirit. The only thing I did not like was thatContinue reading “RubyConf Australia – 2013. Work hard party harder!”