Handy gems for minitest-rails

Originally posted on rails learning:
Welcome to ‘minitest’ world! Minitest is yet another ruby testing framework but it’s not a replacement to rspec.┬áIn rspec you can readily use things like ‘subject’, ‘metadata’ etc. However, minitest, as the name suggests, is a light-weight testing framework and does not include a lot of these features automatically. Here…

Protip – Capybara-RSpec integration with Continuous Integration.

If you are dealing with UI test case automation wherein you see your test cases running in the launched browser window – example being using ‘Capybara’ with ‘Selenium web-driver’ or for that matter any web-driver , then this post can prove to be useful to you . Each time you run such test case suite,Continue reading “Protip – Capybara-RSpec integration with Continuous Integration.”

Access Control in Ruby – understanding public, protected and private

We all know that ruby is different from all the other object oriented programming languages. But in what context? One of the differences lies in how ruby handles the protected and public methods and how other languages like c++ handle them.