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Ruby through rails part 4: Bundler Dsl

Originally posted on narutosanjiv:
Bundler::Dsl class is defined inside the lib/bundler/dsl.rb. Earlier we have learned how various settings get set like the bundle path and gem path. Now we are going to learn how the Gemfile is parsed and evaluated. Bundler::Dsl.evaluate gets…

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Generating dynamic QR codes in Rails using Rjb

When I started looking for gems which generate QR code in ruby I found “rqrcode” which generates only HTML code which was not useful to me. I wanted the QR code image so I looked at “qr4r” but here we can … Continue reading

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Confessions of a first time speaker

This post is a straight from the heart talk about lessons learnt by a first time speaker. Rishi spoke at RubyConf India 2014 and gives a candid experience about how he prepared, the fear, the excitement and the exhilaration. Continue reading

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A Fun, Weather Forecast Go Web App

We shall build a fun Go app that accepts city names from a user and displays the current weather forecast in those cities, to the user. In a previous article we learned how to use The Google Geocoding API in … Continue reading

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Do not bang your head while setting up Amazon RDS instance – like I did

Originally posted on Curious Reflections:
While setting up Amazon RDS instance for a Ruby on Rails application, I followed simple Amazon RDS Setup Guide , but still why I ended up banging my head for long time before success. So I proceed…

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Fun with Gmail and Go

Many of you at the “free” Go programming course have been asking “How do I use Gmail with Go?” To answer that question, we will quickly build a fun Go web app that uses Gmail to send off emails. I … Continue reading

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