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Writing unit tests the right way

Originally posted on rails learning:
We all know what unit tests are and which gems we need to use for unit testing. Unit testing means testing a method in isolation. Unit tests are light weight and execute fast when compared to integration…

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The bidder journey

This is a story [Bidder]( – a simple idea that was conceived at RailsRumble 2013 and has since then come a long way. This talks about the innovation, changes and learning from this experience. Continue reading

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Experiencing Ruby – the Scottish way

Held in the exquisite Crieff Hydro, Perthshire, this was another example of an exciting professionally organised Ruby Conference. There will always be a lot of information about the talks, so this is more about my experience there! At a conference, … Continue reading

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Implementing Rails APIs like a professional

Today, a web-portal that does not support APIs is not even considered a web portal! This post explains how we can implement Rails APIs in our application. It talks about API keys, API versioning and authentication techniques. Continue reading

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My experience at the awesome, first-ever GopherCon 2014

My Objectives My company JoshSoftware, based in Pune India, sponsored my trip to the first-ever Go programming conference – GopherCon in Denver, CO, USA from April 23-26, 2014. Yours truly at the conference JoshSoftware is now Diving into Go and … Continue reading

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