Learning to Fly – Internship story

This is the unedited version of Ankit’s internship story at Josh for 2 months. We have posted it “as is”. We hope this helps others understand what internship at Josh is like, the culture and the values – @gautamrege Introduction This is a list of activities carried out during 8 week full-time internship at theContinue reading “Learning to Fly – Internship story”

Watermarking images with ImageMagick

Originally posted on The 'Ruby on Rails' Mini Blog:
Watermarking images is a breeze with ImageMagick. ImageMagick is a very handy tool to manipulate images from the command-line. It is free and is available on all major platforms.You can use text or another image to watermark your images with ImageMagick. The ‘rmagick‘ gem is a Ruby library to…

Comparative study of looping construct in ruby, dlang, rust, golang.

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We have been learning & working on various programmings languages. These different programmings language help us to learn various programming paradigm & constructs.  There are number of new programming language such golang, rust, dlang. We are going to see performance of simple loop in golang, rust, dlang, ruby. We are going iterate…