Ruby through rails part 6: Bundler Dsl

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Earlier we seen detailed working of ‘gem'(present in Gemfile) command. For now, we are now going to introspect the working of ‘gemspec’ which we mostly used during building our rubygems. As i have mentioned in earlier serials that all command, which we used in Gemfile, found in the bundler file(lib/bundler/dsl.rb) Let…

Pro-tips for production server setup (when shit hits the roof)

This post is not related to production deployment automation. This post is our voice of experience (read as: major issues caused due by “minor” missing server configurations) and how we resolved them. These are changes that would help you in case you are dealing with Upgrading your server stack that uses HAProxy and SSL (We were using EngineYard)!Continue reading “Pro-tips for production server setup (when shit hits the roof)”