Converting dos(windows) files to unix files

While using windows we get ^M characters in files that will get displayed when you open files on unix machines. To remove such ^M characters, Install dos2unix package using sudo apt-get install sysutils Convert individual file dos2unix file_path Run following command to convert recursively all the files inside directory. find . -type f -exec dos2unixContinue reading “Converting dos(windows) files to unix files”

Deficiencies in Indian Technical Education Schools and Colleges

Being in Pune – the student Mecca of India, I get to interact a lot with students – especially freshers or students in their final semester. These are the enthusiatic new kids on the block who want to make a difference. Unfortunately¬† there are a couple of things which are not taught in schools: InterviewContinue reading “Deficiencies in Indian Technical Education Schools and Colleges”