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Ionic 3 : A Step Forward

Content posted here with the permission of the author, who is currently employed at Josh Software. Original post available here. Most of the people have already switched from Ionic 1 to Ionic 2. You are maybe one of them and … Continue reading

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Use power of database to speedup your application!

Originally posted on Learn with fun:
In this blog post, I am going to tell you some queries/ tricks to speed up your application by using the power of database. I am using postgres and activerecord rails so all queries…

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How to upload a large CSV efficiently using rails!

Originally posted on Think, Click and Succeed:
Active-record is an abstraction layer that facilitates creation, deletion and use of ORM objects whose data requires persistent storage to a database. This keeps us away from having to think too much about…

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Loading…widgets in react-redux application

I got an interesting requirement for my React app to display multiple widgets with the following conditions: Number of widgets to displayed – UNKNOWN Content to be displayed – UNKNOWN API endpoints – UNKNOWN Only known thing was the placeholder in…

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Choosing testing framework for your React application

Originally posted on Let's make learning fun!:
Recently, while working on a React/Redux based single page application, I was required to choose a testing framework. Since this was my first attempt at testing JavaScript based front-end applications, I started…

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AWS EC2: Increase volume size on the fly

The AWS documentation is pretty detailed and thorough, but sometime I feel it is overwhelming and at times some important steps/command are deep down somewhere, essentially very hard to find or perhaps missing!! I had a similar experience recently. I … Continue reading

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Getting started with Android and Kotlin

Originally posted on Android Experience:
With Google IO 2017, Google announced Kotlin as the officially supported language for Android. Kotlin will be now shipped with Android Studio working out of the box, starting with version 3.0. No extra installations needed.…

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