Elixir Isn't Ruby

Content posted here with the permission of the author PJ Hagerty, who is Developer, writer, speaker, musician, and Developer Advocate. He is known to travel the world speaking about programming and the way people think and interact. Programming languages tend to have trends. Once upon a time, it was COBOL that ruled the world. ThenContinue reading “Elixir Isn't Ruby”

Making Your Rails Console Interesting..

Content posted here with the permission of the author Akshay Birajdar, who is currently employed at Josh Software. Original post available here As a Rails developer, every time we work on a Rails project we heavily use rails console for development. I love the rails console as much as any Rails developer. It is the bestContinue reading “Making Your Rails Console Interesting..”

Recap of Arrrrcamp, 2015

Arrrrcamp (with 4 R’s) took place in the very beautiful town called Ghent, Belgium. It was my first time at this conference and it is one of the most awesome conferences I have been to. Everything right from stay, to opening the conference, food, breaks between talks, closing keynote and the boat party, was perfectly planned toContinue reading “Recap of Arrrrcamp, 2015”