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Experiencing Ruby – the Scottish way

Held in the exquisite Crieff Hydro, Perthshire, this was another example of an exciting professionally organised Ruby Conference. There will always be a lot of information about the talks, so this is more about my experience there! At a conference, … Continue reading

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Generating dynamic QR codes in Rails using Rjb

When I started looking for gems which generate QR code in ruby I found “rqrcode” which generates only HTML code which was not useful to me. I wanted the QR code image so I looked at “qr4r” but here we can … Continue reading

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Confessions of a first time speaker

This post is a straight from the heart talk about lessons learnt by a first time speaker. Rishi spoke at RubyConf India 2014 and gives a candid experience about how he prepared, the fear, the excitement and the exhilaration. Continue reading

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RubyConf India 2014 – The Goa Edition

RubyConf India 2014 was a roaring success and attendees were not even aware about the woes the organisers had with the hotel management. This post talks about what worked and what didn’t. Continue reading

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Access Control in Ruby – understanding public, protected and private

We all know that ruby is different from all the other object oriented programming languages. But in what context? One of the differences lies in how ruby handles the protected and public methods and how other languages like c++ handle them. Continue reading

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Ruby Through Rails – Part 1

(This has been reblogged from Sanjiv’s Blog post) I am starting a series of blog posts where we can learn Ruby through Rails. We will take a deep dive into Rails source code and learn about how Rails works — … Continue reading

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Mongoid and the MongoDB Aggregation Framework

MongoDB introduced the aggregation framework since Version 2.2 but the power of the aggregation framework has only been tapped in Mongoid only since 3.1.0. Even today in the latest version (currently v4.0.0), the aggregation framework is used only for some … Continue reading

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