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Record and export Audio files in browser using Recorder.js and upload it on cloud.

Content posted here with the permission of the author, who is currently employed at Josh Software. Original post available here. In this article, Let’s see how audio recording is possible without any shim or plugin, but only by using the … Continue reading

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Redirect HTTP to HTTPS when using ELB

Background – I have my site hosted on AWS EC2 server which is behind ELB (Elastic Load Balancing). I wanted my site to work on HTTPS. So I provisioned SSL certificate through AWS certificate manager and uploaded it on ELB. … Continue reading

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RoR Tips & Tricks Series – #2

Tip : count is incorrect if used with limit in mongoid Database : Mongodb 1. campaigns = Campaign.all campaigns.count => 211943 2. campaigns = Campaign.limit(1000) campaigns.count => 211943 campaigns[1001] => nil I was expecting count as 1000 for second query, … Continue reading

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RoR Tips & Tricks Series – #1

I am staring this series of blog posts. This will cover few tips and / or tricks from ROR. We as developer come across a situation, where we struggle to solve the problem. Once solved we realise that, in our … Continue reading

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Migrating to new Heroku Postgres plans

Recently Heroku released new version of postgres 9.1 with new price plans. A notice was send to all users to migrate from there existing share database to new planes released with Postgres 9.1. In these new plans concept of limit … Continue reading

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