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Redirect HTTP to HTTPS when using ELB

Background – I have my site hosted on AWS EC2 server which is behind ELB (Elastic Load Balancing). I wanted my site to work on HTTPS. So I provisioned SSL certificate through AWS certificate manager and uploaded it on ELB. … Continue reading

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RoR Tips & Tricks Series – #2

Tip : count is incorrect if used with limit in mongoid Database : Mongodb 1. campaigns = Campaign.all campaigns.count => 211943 2. campaigns = Campaign.limit(1000) campaigns.count => 211943 campaigns[1001] => nil I was expecting count as 1000 for second query, … Continue reading

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RoR Tips & Tricks Series – #1

I am staring this series of blog posts. This will cover few tips and / or tricks from ROR. We as developer come across a situation, where we struggle to solve the problem. Once solved we realise that, in our … Continue reading

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Migrating to new Heroku Postgres plans

Recently Heroku released new version of postgres 9.1 with new price plans. A notice was send to all users to migrate from there existing share database to new planes released with Postgres 9.1. In these new plans concept of limit … Continue reading

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