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Enforcing coding guidelines using CircleCI and Rubocop

Originally posted on rails learning:
Being a rubyist we don’t just write code, we write beautiful code. But sometimes, in a hurry to complete the requirement some developers, especially new comer, might not follow the coding guidelines which would become…

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Designing Rails API using Rabl and Devise

Most of us are aware that enabling API access for rails application is easy as Rails provides RESTful APIs by default. However, a little complexity arises when some responses are expected in xml format (maybe for some legacy system) and … Continue reading

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Want to increase user registrations using all available social networks? Gigya widgets are quick and easy!

Do you already have a web-portal running for years and you want to use different social networks to increase user registrations? Can you afford to keep integrating newer social networks and deprecate older ones? Gigya register widget eases all this — its quick and simple to use! Continue reading

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Integrate Gigya Register Widget into your Application

Updated post with source code available here. In today’s world, with everyone managing multiple online accounts, it painful for users to create and remember yet another set of new credential just for your application. To overcome this issue we can … Continue reading

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