Using Golang with Artificial Intelligence service

Part 2 — In this article, we will try out their /tts service. In part 1 of this series we explored their /query service. Here, we will explore their/tts service which takes text and returns the generated speech (as an audio WAV file). I have created a folder “apiai” which will hold the Go source code “apiaifile.go”.Continue reading “Using Golang with Artificial Intelligence service”

Use Go and Clarifai API to Recognize NSFW Images

The ‘Not Safe For Work’ (NSFW) model analyzes images and videos and returns probability scores on the likelihood that the image or video contains pornography. For those of you who don’t know what NSFW is, we’re talking about Not Safe For Work. R-rated content. Stuff that would probably get you fired if you were lookingContinue reading “Use Go and Clarifai API to Recognize NSFW Images”

API Throttling on Requests Per Minute

In my previous blog post I have discussed API designing and versioning. Now I am going to build a simple algorithm to restrict API access based on requests per minute using redis Very often, as an API provider we need to control request traffic based on certain criteria, like account subscription, time interval or requestsContinue reading “API Throttling on Requests Per Minute”