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React: Boost performance with effective rendering

Content posted here with the permission of the author Payal Bhalerao, who is currently employed at Josh Software. Original post available here We always enjoy fast and responsive user interface, but generally during fast development performance gets neglected. In case of … Continue reading

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Sending Multiple Push Notifications Simultaneously with Ionic framework

This post discusses how to send multiple push notifications simultaneously using the Ionic Framework. Continue reading

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How to create nested form using AngularJS

In a Rails application, when we need nested forms, we frequently use the ‘nested_form’ gem. However, we cannot use that when we are making an AngularJS + Rails app. To make nested forms using AngularJS, we need to write some specific code and in this … Continue reading

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Building web apps with Rails4 and AngularJS in 15 minutes

While learning AngularJS to make a single page app using Rails4, I found some good videos and blogs. However, I did not find any simple example for CRUD operations that made me easily understand the integration between Rails4 and AngularJS. … Continue reading

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The bidder journey

This is a story [Bidder]( – a simple idea that was conceived at RailsRumble 2013 and has since then come a long way. This talks about the innovation, changes and learning from this experience. Continue reading

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StreamTable.js – The next generation search filter

So, you think you should search data? Or filter it?  And now, stream … what? Searching for data has a performance price – we need heavy duty server resources and have delayed responses. See the LinkedIn search. Filtering for data … Continue reading

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Lazyload Images

Attractive images are the heart of any application. However the page loading time can drastically increase if the application takes huge amount of time to load these images! For such situations you need some way to reduce loading time for … Continue reading

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