Recoil — is this the new ‘Redux’ for React?

Recoil is a new state management library for React that lets you manage global/sharable state in a Reactish way. What's great is that Recoil is being developed by the Facebook team. In this blog we'll take a look at the useRecoilState hook and how they have made it is so 'React'-ish? Let’s take a very simple … Continue reading Recoil — is this the new ‘Redux’ for React?

Immutability with Immer in React

In React applications the most important part is the application state. We can maintain local state within the component or global state across the application using Redux. Managing the state becomes crucial as we may have inconsistent app behavior or have bugs if the state is not managed properly. So while dealing with the state … Continue reading Immutability with Immer in React

Optimization Techniques for better Performance: React

We all know that React is one of the famous javascript frameworks used for web development. Web apps developed using React are known for their speed and efficient performance. Though React provides better speed and efficiency than other frameworks available we can add some more efficiency to our app by following some simple optimization techniques. The speed and performance of a web app can be improved … Continue reading Optimization Techniques for better Performance: React