Swift UI — iOS Designing up a notch

Hello folks, as we all know it's been some time now since SwiftUI was launched by Apple in WWDC 2019. Also it's becoming mature in its components and stability with every release. So whats all the hype about ? How its better than our long lived friend UIKit. Let's check out. Problem with Traditional UIKit … Continue reading Swift UI — iOS Designing up a notch

Easy pagination with Android Paging Library

Android Jetpack introduced a lot of libraries which are driving developers to enhance architecture and reduce boilerplate code, one of them is the Android Paging library which makes it easy for you to add Pagination in your project. If you are building an app which loads large data from a server or the database and … Continue reading Easy pagination with Android Paging Library

CameraX, An Understanding Friend!

Every mobile developer has at least met with a requirement for a Custom Camera. That's where it all starts, from learning low level native code to actually understanding Camera API's and writing a lot of boilers camera configuration code for just adding some buttons for product branding. Even an experienced developer well known to Android's … Continue reading CameraX, An Understanding Friend!