Page Cache control in radiant cms

Radiant CachingRadiant cms is very powerful and customizable cms as of now which has inbuilt support for page caching.Radiant caching mechanisam is somehow similar to action caching in rails.In latest radiant version i.e. > 0.8 Responsecache has been replaced with Radiant::Cache.By default radiant cache gets automatically invalidated after every 5 minutes and that is configurable.The interval is easily … Continue reading Page Cache control in radiant cms

Metaprogramming with RadiantCMS

My short stint with Radiant in the near past was actually quite interesting ! -- No I did not design websites or webpages. What I am talking about is the internals - making radiant plugins and creating radius tags, the overwhelming use of meta-programing and the ease of overriding and extending the base or extensions … Continue reading Metaprogramming with RadiantCMS

Usage and Best Practices for RADIANT CMS-Part4

Creation of Error page in Radiant CMS: By default when the radiant user requests the URL that doesn’t exist on site , the server will return HTTP status 404 and a page titled “Page Not Found” in the style of admin section. However we can always customize this page as we want. Below are the … Continue reading Usage and Best Practices for RADIANT CMS-Part4