Protip – Capybara-RSpec integration with Continuous Integration.

If you are dealing with UI test case automation wherein you see your test cases running in the launched browser window – example being using ‘Capybara’ with ‘Selenium web-driver’ or for that matter any web-driver , then this post can prove to be useful to you . Each time you run such test case suite,Continue reading “Protip – Capybara-RSpec integration with Continuous Integration.”

Usage and Best Practices for RADIANT CMS-Part4

Creation of Error page in Radiant CMS: By default when the radiant user requests the URL that doesn’t exist on site , the server will return HTTP status 404 and a page titled “Page Not Found” in the style of admin section. However we can always customize this page as we want. Below are theContinue reading “Usage and Best Practices for RADIANT CMS-Part4”

Usage and Best Practices for RADIANT CMS-Part3

Some useful Radiant  tags for inserting contents : As an illustration consider the following snippet of code: Suppose that we have snippet named “site_footer” which is written for footer link/page  “About Us” which has following piece of code: In this code we consider that webpage corresponding to “About Us” have already been created as childContinue reading “Usage and Best Practices for RADIANT CMS-Part3”