When I travelled halfway across the world to attend RubyConf 14 San Diego

It would be folly to even try and sum up all my experiences in one blog post. Hence this part is a short recap of my impressions of RubyConf San Diego. After a long journey of ~12000kms, little sleep, lots of coffee, and several moments of uncertainty ; I finally arrived at San Diego ConventionContinue reading “When I travelled halfway across the world to attend RubyConf 14 San Diego”

MVC coding principles in rails

I believe this post should clear basic coding standards before getting started with rails development.I just came with conversion started for declaring variables on rubyonrailstalk google group and that ended up with exploring the concepts of rails MVC coding principles. so, i thought it would be nice if they gets summarized somewhere. The question raised wasContinue reading “MVC coding principles in rails”

Usage and Best Practices for RADIANT CMS-Part4

Creation of Error page in Radiant CMS: By default when the radiant user requests the URL that doesn’t exist on site , the server will return HTTP status 404 and a page titled “Page Not Found” in the style of admin section. However we can always customize this page as we want. Below are theContinue reading “Usage and Best Practices for RADIANT CMS-Part4”