When I travelled halfway across the world to attend RubyConf 14 San Diego

It would be folly to even try and sum up all my experiences in one blog post. Hence this part is a short recap of my impressions of RubyConf San Diego. After a long journey of ~12000kms, little sleep, lots of coffee, and several moments of uncertainty ; I finally arrived at San Diego ConventionContinue reading “When I travelled halfway across the world to attend RubyConf 14 San Diego”

bundling gems in rails application

Gem Bundling is basically used to maintain all required gems at your application level.It downloads necessary gems and maintain it under “/vender/gems” directory.Its very easy to use gem bundle. 1. Insatll gemcutter gem ( Its gem hosting ) gem install gemcutter 2. Install bundler ( Its a tool that manages gem dependencies for your ruby application.Continue reading “bundling gems in rails application”

–no-ri –no-rdoc for ruby gem installation

One can install gem without rdoc using gem install GEM_NAME –no-ri –no-rdoc Skip ri rdoc for all gem installation as i haven’t seen anyone using it. Edit gemrc fileAdd following line to itvi ~/.gemrc:gem: –no-ri –no-rdoc Here is my ~/.gemrc file—:verbose: truegem: –no-ri –no-rdoc:update_sources: true:sources:- http://gems.rubyforge.org- http://gems.github.com:backtrace: false:bulk_threshold: 1000:benchmark: false That’s it !