bundling gems in rails application

Gem Bundling is basically used to maintain all required gems at your application level.It downloads necessary gems and maintain it under “/vender/gems” directory.Its very easy to use gem bundle. 1. Insatll gemcutter gem ( Its gem hosting ) gem install gemcutter 2. Install bundler ( Its a tool that manages gem dependencies for your ruby application.Continue reading “bundling gems in rails application”

Managing multiple ruby versions and rails versions with rvm

While working with many projects that uses different ruby versions and rails versions, one big problem arises that how do we manage all this ? We know that managing multiple rails versions wont be problem at all.but what about ruby versions, How one can manage multiple ruby versions. also while upgrading or degrading ruby version,Continue reading “Managing multiple ruby versions and rails versions with rvm”

Working with multiple ruby versions on same server

click for original postNice post by Michael Greenly I recently changed how I’m handling multiple simultaneous Ruby installations and I’d like to share. What I needed was to make it convenient to switch between the system provided packages and specific, from source, installations. After some experiments I decided to use ‘update-alternatives’ to do it. Here’sContinue reading “Working with multiple ruby versions on same server”