Authorize Net (AIM) payment integration with rails

Authorize Net (AIM) method enables internet merchants to accept online payments via credit card. We shall see¬†how to integrate authorize net payment gateway inside a rails app to accept online payments using activemerchant library. Register for authorize net sandbox account click here Payment gateway credentials Payment & creditcard form Payments Controller Generate & Migrate PaymentContinue reading “Authorize Net (AIM) payment integration with rails”

Ghostype input Placeholder for search text fields using jQuery

>Placeholder Demo Ghostpe Demo $(document).ready(function(){ var search = “#home-search”; var chars = $(search).attr(‘placeholder’).split(”); $.each(chars, function(i, v){ setTimeout(function() { $(search).val((chars.slice(0, i+1).join(”))); }, 100*i); }); });jQuery placeholder plugin can be used to display default text inside input text fields.HTML5 introduced type search fields with placeholder attribute support. <input class=”query” id=”home-search” placeholder=”Enter search text here” type=”search” />It shouldContinue reading “Ghostype input Placeholder for search text fields using jQuery”