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filter.js – Client side search filtering using JSON and jQuery

Speed for search result filtering is critical. Its fine for site users to wait for some time (maybe a few seconds) to load the search results but after that filtering better be fast otherwise people lose interest. To give a … Continue reading

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Setup Active Scaffold with rails 3 using jQuery

Create new rails project Add active_scaffold gem to bundler Setup active scaffold to use jQuery Generate active scaffold for resource city & zone Add Associations Migrate database Start Server Visit Browser URL: http://localhost:3000/cities Snap

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Ghostype input Placeholder for search text fields using jQuery

>Placeholder Demo Ghostpe Demo $(document).ready(function(){ var search = “#home-search”; var chars = $(search).attr(‘placeholder’).split(”); $.each(chars, function(i, v){ setTimeout(function() { $(search).val((chars.slice(0, i+1).join(”))); }, 100*i); }); });jQuery placeholder plugin can be used to display default text inside input text fields.HTML5 introduced type search … Continue reading

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