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Raspar – Build a html parser in 5 minutes

Creating HTML Parsers has never been this simple. Here is how you can create parsers very quickly with minimal code. Do check out the “rasper” gem on RubyGems. Continue reading

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API Throttling on Requests Per Minute

In my previous blog post I have discussed API designing and versioning. Now I am going to build a simple algorithm to restrict API access based on requests per minute using redis Very often, as an API provider we need … Continue reading

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Implementing Rails APIs like a professional

Today, a web-portal that does not support APIs is not even considered a web portal! This post explains how we can implement Rails APIs in our application. It talks about API keys, API versioning and authentication techniques. Continue reading

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StreamTable.js – The next generation search filter

So, you think you should search data? Or filter it?  And now, stream … what? Searching for data has a performance price – we need heavy duty server resources and have delayed responses. See the LinkedIn search. Filtering for data … Continue reading

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filter.js – Client side search filtering using JSON and jQuery

Speed for search result filtering is critical. Its fine for site users to wait for some time (maybe a few seconds) to load the search results but after that filtering better be fast otherwise people lose interest. To give a … Continue reading

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Pro tip: Increase webpage performance using sprite, data-uri and jammit

For quite some time at Josh Software, we have been concentrating on improving backend server performance. You can read about load testing and bench-marking and improving upload performance using nginx upload module. This post is about improving frontend performance by … Continue reading

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Bean Validation Framework

This framework implemented get rid of validate bean object using if-else condition and easy to integrate custom validators. – This is developed using Java 1.5 and no other library is required. – Used Generics,Reflection and Annotation in implementation. – Light … Continue reading

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