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AI-led Chatbots – A boon to Healthcare Industry

The demand of healthcare services is higher than ever, and this industry is deeply sensitive and complex in nature. In the recent years, innovations in AI-led technologies have tried to maximize productivity and help in saving time and effort of … Continue reading

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MongoDB text indexing in action

Recently, I had a good use-case to use MongoDB text-indexing and I gave it a shot. I found it to be pretty awesome – even though its not have full-fledged text-search engine capabilities (like facets etc.) it does the job … Continue reading

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StreamTable.js – The next generation search filter

So, you think you should search data? Or filter it?  And now, stream … what? Searching for data has a performance price – we need heavy duty server resources and have delayed responses. See the LinkedIn search. Filtering for data … Continue reading

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Case Study: Improving Performance of MySQL, Thinking Sphinx in a Rails app

Recently, we faced a huge performance problem with one of our installed apps. The application is a Call Center ERP solution. The Call model is updated very frequently as there are about approximately 8,000 – 10,000 calls being made everyday. … Continue reading

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IndexTank – So long and thanks for all the fish!

IndexTank got acquired by LinkedIn just a while back and I received a newsletter saying that they may discontinue services in 6 months. My tweet about this got a few responses from Pat Allen (@pat – the creator of Flying … Continue reading

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How to submit sitemap to search engines

There are many ways that can be used to submit sitemap to search engines. Lets discuss approaches 1. Put sitemap.xml in public folder and you are done.    Crawlers will find it through url 2. There are many online sites … Continue reading

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How do i generate SEO sitemap in rails ?

What is sitemap ? Sitemap is nothing but a .xml file containing urls available on your site It contains URL, last modified date, frequency of content change and priority ( between 0..1 ) Why we need sitemap ? We can … Continue reading

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