AI-led Chatbots – A Boon To The Healthcare Industry

The demand of healthcare services is higher than ever, and this industry is deeply sensitive and complex in nature. In the recent years, innovations in AI-led technologies have tried to maximize productivity and help in saving time and effort of healthcare professionals. Technologies, primarily involving chatbots, have paved their way into the healthcare industry, allowing … Continue reading AI-led Chatbots – A Boon To The Healthcare Industry

MongoDB text indexing in action

Recently, I had a good use-case to use MongoDB text-indexing and I gave it a shot. I found it to be pretty awesome - even though its not have full-fledged text-search engine capabilities (like facets etc.) it does the job for simple text searches. So, what did we want to do? We had the following … Continue reading MongoDB text indexing in action

StreamTable.js – The Next-generation Search Filter

So, you think you should search data? Or filter it?  And now, stream ... what? Searching for data has a performance price - we need heavy duty server resources and have delayed responses. See the LinkedIn search. Filtering for data requires us to load the entire data on the client-side (via JSON) and then filter … Continue reading StreamTable.js – The Next-generation Search Filter