Updating Embedded Documents in Mongoid

I faced a situation in my project where I need to update all the embedded documents. But as we generally know about the mongoid embedded documents we can’t access directly, we must access them through parent documents. I have millions of such parent documents and they embed many child documents. So in the general solution, … Continue reading Updating Embedded Documents in Mongoid

Mongoid and the MongoDB Aggregation Framework

MongoDB introduced the aggregation framework since Version 2.2 but the power of the aggregation framework has only been tapped in Mongoid only since 3.1.0. Even today in the latest version (currently v4.0.0), the aggregation framework is used only for some basic functionality - :sum, :count, :avg, :min and :max. While this is much better than running … Continue reading Mongoid and the MongoDB Aggregation Framework

MongoDB text indexing in action

Recently, I had a good use-case to use MongoDB text-indexing and I gave it a shot. I found it to be pretty awesome - even though its not have full-fledged text-search engine capabilities (like facets etc.) it does the job for simple text searches. So, what did we want to do? We had the following … Continue reading MongoDB text indexing in action