Updating Embedded Documents in Mongoid

I faced a situation in my project where I need to update all the embedded documents. But as we generally know about the mongoid embedded documents we can’t access directly, we must access them through parent documents. I have millions of such parent documents and they embed many child documents. So in the general solution, … Continue reading Updating Embedded Documents in Mongoid


Databases are usually the lifeblood of applications and of dynamic web sites.They manage the information that applications depend on, and a large portion ofapplication development revolves around the care and feeding of the data thatgoes into a database or comes out of the database, as well as the structure ofthe database. When building applications with … Continue reading Departure.rb

Using Multiple Databases in Rails 6 to Log Access Requests

Imagine a situation where you need to log every attempt at accessing your application regardless of how many application servers are deployed and when. Text logs aren’t enough and can be difficult to aggregate across multiple disparate filesystems. Not to mention, retrieval of any given text-based record (or series thereof) after several years can be … Continue reading Using Multiple Databases in Rails 6 to Log Access Requests