Machine Learning Model inside Docker

What is Machine Learning? In simple words, Machine Learning is the concept that includes different types of algorithms through which we provide intelligence to a machine to work/predict something on itself on a particular dataset What is Docker? Docker is a platform that provides various operating systems so that the manual time required to install … Continue reading Machine Learning Model inside Docker

The Strategy to Create & Deploy Static Build With Docker & mina-SCP

I am sure! Many of our applications have turned into a legacy codebase, such applications might have some outdated scripts or build process that might need frequent maintenance and updates.  In this post, I will walk you through the steps with which we can move our frontend build creation script into the docker container and … Continue reading The Strategy to Create & Deploy Static Build With Docker & mina-SCP


Databases are usually the lifeblood of applications and of dynamic web sites.They manage the information that applications depend on, and a large portion ofapplication development revolves around the care and feeding of the data thatgoes into a database or comes out of the database, as well as the structure ofthe database. When building applications with … Continue reading Departure.rb