Catching APNS on your Xcode Simulator

As iOS developers, we have always faced the pain of testing the APNS (Apple Push Notification Services) only on actual iOS devices. Well, not anymore from Xcode 11.4 beta, because now we can test APNS on simulators also. We’ll directly dive into the action of “how-to”. So follow my lead : Have Xcode 11.4 beta(latest … Continue reading Catching APNS on your Xcode Simulator

Let’s get Go-ing!

Content posted here with the permission of the author Tanya Saroha, who is currently employed at Josh Software. Original post available here A second part can change the prequel. It can either ruin a good first impression by being too extravagant or polish it to a perfect shine. And Golang Girls 2019, the 2nd edition organized in Pune … Continue reading Let’s get Go-ing!