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CameraX, An Understanding Friend!

Every mobile developer has at least met with a requirement for a Custom Camera. That’s where it all starts, from learning low level native code to actually understanding Camera API’s and writing a lot of boilers camera configuration code for just adding some buttons for product branding. Even an experienced developer well known to Android’s … Continue reading CameraX, An Understanding Friend!


Whenever I used to hear about cryptography, I used to feel that something is really difficult to implement. I would need to learn a lot of things to work on it. But, when I came across lazysodium-java library, I found it easy to implement it in java. What is lazysodium-java? Lazysodium-java is library that is built … Continue reading LAZYSODIUM-JAVA: CRYPTOGRAPHY MADE EASY IN JAVA

Flutter Interactive Motion Backgrounds

Have you seen Apple iOS’s parallax wallpaper? If you enable “Perspective Zoom” in your iOS’s wallpaper setting, you’ll find your HomeScreen will respond visually as per your device’s tilt/position. It’s simple eye trickery but it looks impressive. Here is an example of what we’re gonna build today NOTE: All the images in this post are … Continue reading Flutter Interactive Motion Backgrounds

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