Importance of Promise Object in angular js

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Hey guys, Writing this blog just to share an experience with you all. We have an input box which accepts keyword from user. We are sending api call to search that keyword, not when user enters full keyword, but when user enters a single character. And then it displays those keywords in drop-down.

We are using ngTagsInput plugin to add or select keyword. We send first api call when user enters first three characters and other calls are sent for each character entered by user. Due to this one issue occurs. Api responses are not received at same speed at which the user is entering the characters. So old response were displayed in the drop-down instead of new ones.

Ex. -> user entered ‘abcdef’, so, we have response for the api call which is given for ‘abcd’, but response for ‘abcde’ and ‘abcdef’ are pending. What we expect, is that…

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Rails image_tag with Mustache template


Recently I have been working on one rails project, In which I have used Mustache.js.

Mustache is a logic-less template which is used for client side dynamic template rendering.

You can check this link Mustache for more details.

As I’m rails developer it’s common to use image_tag for displaying images in rails, so I preferred to use image_tag for displaying images.

So when I was trying to use image_tag with mustache, I was surprised!! Why? Because, that image_tag was not working as expected. So I thought something is wrong with image_tag. And then I read more details about image_tag.

See below code…(In which image_tag was not working)



After using above code I got compiled version of image_tag as below.

Then I realized that image_tag is compiled at server side & then it sends compiled(html tag) to the client side. But mustache template is compiled at client side. So the…

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ProTips: Elastic Search & Rails

Learn with fun

In this blog post I am not going to tell you about how to setup elasticsearch with Rails. There are plenty of blog posts available for that. I referred this blog post to begin with elastic search and rails.

In this blog post, I will be showing how to set “ignore malformed” option. This may sound trivial but unfortunately the usage is neither in the ES-rails documentation nor I could find any content on the web.

I spent a few hours digging in the ES-rails code and finally deciphered it. Hope this helps you save the time.


Recently we started using elastic search in our project. One of the table had around 9 Million records. After configurations/setting we started the indexing. Monitored a few thousand records and indexes were correctly getting generated. However, at the end found out that the indexing of 5k records failed.  I was puzzled, why only…

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SQLite storage in Ionic 2

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In my last blog I promised to provide step by step guide to implement on phone storage. The main purpose of storing data on phone (offline support) is to reduce load time and optmize the downloads.

In this blog I am sharing my experience on how to use storage with Ionic 2.

There are different ways of integrating storage with Ionic 2 app. I was considering two options, 1) use local-storage which is collection of key-value pairs within application or 2) use SQLite database. I chose SQLite database. The reason being,  local storage has key value structure, its hard to query large amount of data, plus it has limitation of 10 MB data.

There are few other blogs, but I found them little convoluted. So, I tried to simplify steps. Let’s see, step by step procedure.

Step 1: Basic Installation

Install latest version of Ionic and Cordova by –

Step 2: Start…

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RoR Tips & Tricks Series – #2

Tip : count is incorrect if used with limit in mongoid

Database : Mongodb

campaigns = Campaign.all
=> 211943

campaigns = Campaign.limit(1000)
=> 211943

=> nil

I was expecting count as 1000 for second query, but it came out to be same as first one. But actual objects stored in campaigns array are 1000 as it gives nil for 1001st index.

I spend quite some time while writing program to figure out this. I don’t have answer to this. This works correct if your database is mysql or postgres.

Someone may give answer to this and someone will save time in figuring it out.

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Sidekiq “reliable_fetch”​, not so reliable! Well sometimes…

Rails development and Sidekiq go hand in hand. One or the other time you must have gone into problem where jobs go missing. Wondering why?
Sahil explains!!

Let's make learning fun!

Recently, in one of my projects, I came across a situation wherein I was required to parse a CSV uploaded by the end user. For performance reasons, I choose to create a new Sidekiq worker for each row in my CSV. All these rows (workers) were running in parallel (standard Sidekiq behaviour). I wanted to execute some logic ONLY after all rows (workers) had finished processing. Sidekiq Pro let’s you do this by creating a batch of workers. Sidekiq has a Batch API that provides success and failure callbacks for such scenarios.

Everything was working well in development and staging environment. Until a day when a customer reported that he is not receiving success/failure report for his jobs. I tried to reproduce the scenario described by the user but, couldn’t. Not even for the same customer account. But, then I was able to reproduce it and again I couldn’t.


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Ionic 2 : Issues and Challenges

In the tech world you always want to be upto date and when a new version of a framework or library is released you tend to & want to upgrade. We also did the same by upgrading our Ionic 1 app to Ionic 2. But it turned out to be very challenging. Nougat just made it even more cumbersome. Swati talk about the challenges/issues and solutions.

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In my last blog we have seen the key benefits of Ionic 2. It includes speedup factor, organized directory structure, easy navigation, generator commands, set of native API and support for cross platform.

However, if you are thinking of migrating from Ionic 1 to Ionic 2, you may face different challenges or issues. You may either find ready solutions to these or you may have to implement solution yourself. I have successfully upgraded my project and hence would like to share my experience, with the issues I faced, and the way I solved these. Hope it will help. Lets see the issues one by one :

Handle Hardware Back Button

Many times we stuck at particular problem, trying to find solution. But unfortunately we do not get anything. Same thing happened with me. I was trying to handle hardware back button manually with the help of method provided by Ionic 2 :

But the problem was, whenever…

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