Conversations that matter: Driving digital disruption in Banking

The word on the street says that banking and finance are moving towards digital transformation more aggressively than ever. Disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning are key focus areas for FinTech leaders today. Developing long term solutions at scale to simplify finance operations is what will get developers the most brownie points! GartnerContinue reading “Conversations that matter: Driving digital disruption in Banking”

What the next year looks like for InsurTech

Over the last two years, investments in the global InsurTech market have crossed $2.3 billion and the sector has continued to grow at an astounding rate of 3-4%.  EY estimated the net income growth rate to cross 23% as opposed to 14% in 2017, all of this only point towards one thing: the immense possibilitiesContinue reading “What the next year looks like for InsurTech”

Making Manufacturing Smart: Predictive Maintenance

A growing middle-class population, higher spending power and per capita income and the increasing share of young professionals in India today have given way to initiatives like Make in India that aims at increasing the contribution of the manufacturing sector to the country’s GDP. Manufacturing is growing at an astounding rate, and with the government’sContinue reading “Making Manufacturing Smart: Predictive Maintenance”