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Rubyist, Entrepreneur and co-founder of Josh-Software - one of the leading Ruby development shops in India.

ProTips: Google calendar one-way sync (from google to application)

Originally posted on Learn with fun:
In this blog post, I will walk you through my experience of google calendar one-way sync (from google to my application) and will tell you some key points which I understood about google calendar…

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Create multiple flavors of an Android app using gradle script

Originally posted on Android Experience:
I’ve been asked sometimes on how to work with different hosts, different icons, or even different package names, deppending on different versions of the same app. There are lot of reasons to do this and…

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First hustle at Ruby Rampage

Originally posted on Innocent Blogging:
Ruby Rampage brings about a challenge of building an application within the time span of 48 hours. A challenge that galvanized me into participation. It was my first experience. As the competition approached, my levels…

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Design Patterns used in mina gem

Originally posted on narutosanjiv:
Mina is popular gem for fast deployment of simple ruby on rails apps. I found these design patterns being used in mina and we can learn how to use them from these real live implementations. Singleton Design…

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Pro-tip: Scaling properly with Nginx worker_process and max_pool_size

Originally posted on Learn with fun:
This post talks about worker_process and passenger_max_pool_size options for nginx and how these configurations play an important role for scalability. Recently our client reported that API performance was  bad and it was taking a few minutes to respond! But,…

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Using SVG to draw graphs easily and fast!

Originally posted on Fun To Learn:
Do you want to draw a graph in HTML? Are you a backend developer and not a UI developer? How will you go with this? You will surely search for some available library to…

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Searching on steroids

Originally posted on Happy Coding !!!:
There are plenty of indexing/search servers available out there like Solr, Sphinx, Elasticsearch, Google Search Appliance and many more. But out of all the above, Elasticsearch is gaining more attention to it because of it’s popularity. This…

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