Usage and Best Practices for RADIANT CMS-Part4

Creation of Error page in Radiant CMS:

By default when the radiant user requests the URL that doesn’t exist on site , the server will return HTTP status 404 and a page titled “Page Not Found” in the style of admin section. However we can always customize this page as we want. Below are the steps we need to follow and significance of those:

1. Using the “Pages” tab create a page as child of your “Home Page”

2. Set its title, contents, layout as desired (as done in case of our normal pages)

3. Set its “Page Type” as “File Not Found”

4. Set its “status” as “Published”

5. Create the page

Explanation: Now once this page has been created , whenever you request for some invalid url/page on the site you will be redirected to this error page. This page is interpreted as error page by Radiant on the basis of “Page Type=File Not Found”. Also there is Radius tag called  <r:attempted_url/> provided which can be used to checkout mistyped URL. This tag can be used on your created error page to display the mistyped URL.


Above error page created will be applicable to whole site as it is created as child of home page of the site. However you can create multiple error pages and apply them on your site. The created error page will be applicable to all the pages which are child of the page which is also the parent of the created error page.

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