Metaprogramming with RadiantCMS

My short stint with Radiant in the near past was actually quite interesting ! -- No I did not design websites or webpages. What I am talking about is the internals - making radiant plugins and creating radius tags, the overwhelming use of meta-programing and the ease of overriding and extending the base or extensions … Continue reading Metaprogramming with RadiantCMS

Multiple sites hosting using radiant cms

There are almost 4 to 5 simple steps you need to followed before getting multiple sites working using radiant cms 1. Setup radiant cms first Install radiant gem sudo gem install radiant set 'radiant' under path export PATH=$PATH:/var/lib/gems/1.8/gems/radiant-0.8.0/bin Now, we have done with radiant installation. Let's create new project.. $ radiant multisite -d mysql $ … Continue reading Multiple sites hosting using radiant cms