Multiple sites hosting using radiant cms

There are almost 4 to 5 simple steps you need to followed before
getting multiple sites working using radiant cms
1. Setup radiant cms
first Install radiant gem

sudo gem install radiant

set ‘radiant’ under path

export PATH=$PATH:/var/lib/gems/1.8/gems/radiant-0.8.0/bin

Now, we have done with radiant installation.
Let’s create new project..

$ radiant multisite -d mysql
$ cd multisite/

Edit database.yml

$ vi config/database.ymldevelopment:  adapter: mysql  database: multisite_development  username: root  password: abcd  host: localhost


rake db:create

Run the database bootstrap rake task:

rake db:bootstrapThis task will destroy any data in the database. Are you sure you want
to continue? [yn] yes...Create the admin user (press enter for defaults).Name (Administrator): adminUsername (admin): adminPassword (radiant): ....Select a database template:1. Empty2. Roasters (a coffee-themed blog or brochure)3. Simple Blog4. Styled Blog[1-4]: 2....

Now we are ready to start


Open following URL in browser.


You should see site homepage. To manage site goto admin panel.


Now Lets start with multiple sites management
1) Clone multi_site extension into vendor/extensions of your project.

  cd vendor/extensions/  git clone git:// multi_site

2) Run the extension migrations.

  rake db:migrate:extensions

3) Run the extension update task.

  rake radiant:extensions:multi_site:update

4) Restart your server
And we are done with multisite installation, Open following URL in browser.


Add multiple sites as you wanted

 Name        Domain pattern     Base domain name


 site 1      sandip             sandip

 site 2      gautam             gautam

Don’t forget to make dns entries in /etc/hosts.
vi /etc/hosts localhost... sandip127.0.0.1 gautam

One more, by deault pages created for new sites added are not published.
Please be sure to make them published and modify contents to identify them

Now you can view different sites.

Thats, All
Cheers !

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