Zerodha Publisher API Integration : using Thyme-leaf Spring Boot

Stock trading has become very popular these days. Tech behind stock trading application has improved significantly over last few years. Complexity of adding stock trading option in your application has reduced significantly. This blog will help you for integrating publisher Trading API using Spring Boot and Thyme-leaf template. By using this you can place order … Continue reading Zerodha Publisher API Integration : using Thyme-leaf Spring Boot

Mockito: An Unit Testing Framework

Mockito is a Java based mocking framework most preferred with the Junit testing framework. It internally uses Java Reflection and allows to create dummy objects of service. Mockito is a very useful tool that simplifies the test case creation by creating mock/dummy object of external dependencies this dummy data will later apply with mocks into … Continue reading Mockito: An Unit Testing Framework

Bean Validation Framework

This framework implemented get rid of validate bean object using if-else condition and easy to integrate custom validators. - This is developed using Java 1.5 and no other library is required. - Used Generics,Reflection and Annotation in implementation. - Light weight Annotation base bean validation with runtime plugable custom validators.No need to register custom validator … Continue reading Bean Validation Framework