Designing Rails API using Rabl and Devise

Most of us are aware that enabling API access for rails application is easy as Rails provides RESTful APIs by default. However, a little complexity arises when some responses are expected in xml format (maybe for some legacy system) and JSON format. Complexity increases when these API calls need authentication. The initial obvious thought thatContinue reading “Designing Rails API using Rabl and Devise”

Multiple Applications with Devise, Omniauth and Single Sign On

The best way to scale an application is to split the application business logic into different inter-communicable components. However, authenticating, authorizing and security raise concerns. OAuth comes to the rescue – and like a knight in shining armour – omniauth steals the show. Omniauth is an awesome gem that allows you to authenticate using Open-IdContinue reading “Multiple Applications with Devise, Omniauth and Single Sign On”