How You Can Enforce Coding Guidelines With CircleCI & Rubocop

Siva talks about how to enforce coding guidelines using CircleCI and Rubocop

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Being a rubyist we don’t just write code, we write beautiful code. But sometimes, in a hurry to complete the requirement some developers, especially new comer, might not follow the coding guidelines which would become headache later. Rubocop is here to rescue us from this scenario.

Let’s see how to integrate rubocop:

1. Add rubocop and generate config file:

Here is the file where you can find list of cops that rubocop uses.

2. Run rubocop or through CircleCI:

where -R option make rubocop to run rails cops as well.

This would run rubocop upon every commit on CircleCI. Though your test cases have been passed but if rubocop fails then your build fails.

Now let’s see how rubocop enforces you write to better & clean code:

Scenario-1: Using else with unless:

As a matter of fact, using else with if would make more sense than using with unless

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