A Simple Go Web App on Heroku with MongoDB on MongoHQ

Go is an extremely clean and fun language to work with and has a bunch of handy, modular, well documented packages out of the box. We can easily build a small web app using pure Go for handler functions, the net/http library for routing and serving and mgo as a MongoDB driver. The simple GoContinue reading “A Simple Go Web App on Heroku with MongoDB on MongoHQ”

Go Interfaces and Quacking

When we think of interfaces, as traditional object-oriented programmers, the words ‘abstract’ or ‘implements’ come to mind and the example of  the Shape Interface with the Rectangle and Triangle classes materialises before us; or the Animal interface with a Dog and Cat class mulling around. Go thinks differently and hence I take a different (and probablyContinue reading “Go Interfaces and Quacking”