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RoR Tips & Tricks Series – #2

Tip : count is incorrect if used with limit in mongoid Database : Mongodb 1. campaigns = Campaign.all campaigns.count => 211943 2. campaigns = Campaign.limit(1000) campaigns.count => 211943 campaigns[1001] => nil I was expecting count as 1000 for second query, … Continue reading

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Sidekiq “reliable_fetch”​, not so reliable! Well sometimes…

Originally posted on Let's make learning fun!:
Recently, in one of my projects, I came across a situation wherein I was required to parse a CSV uploaded by the end user. For performance reasons, I choose to create a…

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Ionic 2 : Issues and Challenges

Originally posted on Tech Blog:
In my last blog we have seen the key benefits of Ionic 2. It includes speedup factor, organized directory structure, easy navigation, generator commands, set of native API and support for cross platform. However, if you…

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