Updating Embedded Documents in Mongoid

I faced a situation in my project where I need to update all the embedded documents. But as we generally know about the mongoid embedded documents we can’t access directly, we must access them through parent documents. I have millions of such parent documents and they embed many child documents. So in the general solution, … Continue reading Updating Embedded Documents in Mongoid

CameraX, An Understanding Friend!

Every mobile developer has at least met with a requirement for a Custom Camera. That's where it all starts, from learning low level native code to actually understanding Camera API's and writing a lot of boilers camera configuration code for just adding some buttons for product branding. Even an experienced developer well known to Android's … Continue reading CameraX, An Understanding Friend!


Whenever I used to hear about cryptography, I used to feel that something is really difficult to implement. I would need to learn a lot of things to work on it. But, when I came across lazysodium-java library, I found it easy to implement it in java. What is lazysodium-java? Lazysodium-java is library that is built … Continue reading LAZYSODIUM-JAVA: CRYPTOGRAPHY MADE EASY IN JAVA