Immutability with Immer in React

In React applications the most important part is the application state. We can maintain local state within the component or global state across the application using Redux. Managing the state becomes crucial as we may have inconsistent app behavior or have bugs if the state is not managed properly. So while dealing with the state … Continue reading Immutability with Immer in React

Mocking Third Party API’s

Everyone uses third party APIs in their project. These are the external services which allows you to access third party functionalities within the project without rebuilding them. While writing test cases for any project it is very difficult to be sure that the test suites always run successfully as it is dependent on the third … Continue reading Mocking Third Party API’s

Attract Maximum Social Media Traffic to Your Site

Everyone uses social media these days. We share our thoughts, things we find interesting and new things we learned on these platforms. Because that’s what social media is for, Learn, share and grow together!! We all know the power of social media. We can reach out to many people around the world within a short … Continue reading Attract Maximum Social Media Traffic to Your Site