Component lifecycle with useEffect

As you are reading this blog, you are one of the cool developers and to become the coolest developer you need to follow the above quote. Here, I am sharing my story, when I tried to become the coolest developer! When I heard about hooks in React JS, I read about it and tried to write new components … Continue reading Component lifecycle with useEffect

Custom event tracking with ActiveSupport::Notifications and Audited

When it comes to logging or tracking changes in Ruby on Rails models, We typically tend to use either paper_trail or audited gems as these are most popular and widely used gems in Ruby on Rails applications for tracking changes in Rails models, but what if you want to track the custom events on controller … Continue reading Custom event tracking with ActiveSupport::Notifications and Audited

Dependency Injection in Android with Dagger 2

Google drives developers to produce scalable and modular code with Android Architecture components. Dagger 2 takes it much further, creating a single repository where all your classes are initialized so that every Activity, Fragment, ViewModel and Repository is free from initializing the classes they are dependent on. Dagger 2 uses Dependency Injection to create scalable, … Continue reading Dependency Injection in Android with Dagger 2

Catching APNS on your Xcode Simulator

As iOS developers, we have always faced the pain of testing the APNS (Apple Push Notification Services) only on actual iOS devices. Well, not anymore from Xcode 11.4 beta, because now we can test APNS on simulators also. We’ll directly dive into the action of “how-to”. So follow my lead : Have Xcode 11.4 beta(latest … Continue reading Catching APNS on your Xcode Simulator

GKE: Ingress Controllers

The story begins with the project I was working on. Now a days deployment on cloud is beneficial as it saves lots of time and money to setup new infrastructure on your On-Premises, as cloud is also evolving from Bare HVM machines to containers as light weight VM's. This blog is not for the comparison … Continue reading GKE: Ingress Controllers

Demystifying Class in JavaScript

Every developer doesn't like classes in JavaScript due to the fact that they behave differently in different scenarios. Many times you might have heard complaints about classes from developers. I’ll explain how a class works in JS and how to achieve class like behaviour without using class keyword. People from object-oriented background often get confused with classes … Continue reading Demystifying Class in JavaScript